The Arkansas River has long sustained a belt of valuable agricultural production, an appealing rural lifestyle, and scenic vistas across Colorado's southern high plains. Now, it seems that without sound and timely intervention, the Lower Arkansas River Valley may eventually succumb to the ill effects of rising water tables (waterlogging), excessive salt buildup, and increasing selenium (Se) concentrations, both on the land and in the larger river ecosystem.

Colorado State University (CSU) is committed to research that provides insight into the current problems and identifies solution strategies that will best meet the needs of water managers and users in the Lower Arkansas River Valley.

This website will give you an inside look into what we have accomplished to date in the Lower Arkansas Valley Project and what we still need to accomplish. Our work to preserve and enhance the Arkansas River Valley will not only have impact on the state of Colorado, but also will aid other river basins in the West and in other parts of the world facing similar challenges.